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Lake Forest Community Church

Huntersville, NC 

ADDITIONS/RENOVATION UPFIT. Lake Forest Community Church located in Huntersville, NC is building two new additions totaling 8,800 SF, a renovation upfit of 4,000 SF, and new parking area. Design by LABELLA Associates, P.C.

Client Testimonial

"I wanted to personally thank you for the great work that every employee of G.L. Wilson did in the addition at Lake Forest Church. I wanted to name a few things that I’m very thankful for outside of the quality of work.  I don’t take the quality for granted, but when it comes with the below, it makes the quality even better.

I met a lot of your team during this project from electricians to supervisors, plumbers to project managers, and many more.  One thing that each and every employee reflected was an attitude of “how do we do this exactly the way that you want it done?”  I was amazed to hear this at all levels and the “bend over backwards” attitude of everyone that represented G.L. Wilson. I appreciated the attention to details and I’m not sure I ever had an encounter where Tim Blake or John Garland were not already aware and on top of it.  To keep up with so many details in a timely and well organized manner was a relief to our team.  Lastly, and most important to us at Lake Forest-your team became a part of our team. We loved the friendships that we built with the guys in the field and that they became very much a part of our team.  G.L. Wilson approached this entire project like they were a part of our family and wanted to do the work in a manner that the family would be pleased.  I’m extremely grateful for this.  In fact, our team misses having the guys around.  We are glad the work is done though.

On behalf of all of us at Lake Forest Church, I want to tell you well done!  We would definitely look forward to the opportunity to work with you again."


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